About Us

The idea:

How many times have you said “I wish I knew more about …” Could be Crypto, Green Tech, eSports, AI, Wellness – just to name a few. Well, we are curious too. We ALSO want to know more!

Hence, the birth of Alternatively Speaking.

First up – we will dive into the topic of Longevity. What is it exactly? Who are the people moving the industry forward? What is the latest science telling us? What do the markets think? Who is investing in it?  We will aim to answer all of those questions – and even more that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Meet the Hosts!

Phil Carlson

Managing Director
KCSA Strategic Communications

Phil Carlson is a Managing Director of Investor Relations at KCSA. He has developed proactive investor relations and communications strategies for several multi-national, micro and small cap companies in various sectors including technology, healthcare, clean tech, financial services and natural resources. Phil started at KCSA on April 20, 2010. Yes 4/20 so it makes sense that he co-founded and currently leads KCSA’s Cannabis Investor Relations practice. Through his extensive network, Phil has helped position his cannabis clients as thought leaders in the emerging cannabis industry. He has secured speaking engagements at premiere conferences and has organized several cannabis industry panels which have included himself as well as his clients.

Phil has also been known to guest host the Green Rush podcast from time to time. The idea of the Green Rush is what led Phil to think of the concept of Alternatively Speaking.

Anne Donohoe

Managing Director
KCSA Strategic Communications

Anne G. Donohoe is a Managing Director in public relations and heads up the Los Angeles Office at KCSA. She has been with the company for more than 15 years and her work spans many different industries including financial services, technology, media & advertising, professional services and consumer products. For the last eight years, she has led the cannabis and, most recently, the psychedelics practice. With a passion for innovative companies with good and meaningful stories to tell, she has honed her skills in strategic planning, writing, media relations, messaging and content creation.

Her voice can be heard on The Green Rush, a podcast about the business of cannabis and psychedelics, which she not only created, but co-produces.

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